The Pioneer December 2013 Vol. 44, No. 4 - Page 2

Notes from the minister This is the season of increasing darkness, the season of memories and hope and sparks of twinkling light. I recently re-engaged a morning practice of tai-chi, with movements I learned from a colleague several years ago. I don’t remember when I last practiced, and I wasn’t sure I would remember the movements. It was awkward, at first. Making the transitions from one pose to the next is the hardest part. I have been saying to myself, “Just go through the motions. The body remembers.” The body remembers When you want to begin again, to find whatever it is you have left behind Steps, fingerings, positions, movements, breath, touch, stillness The body remembers Ask it If you want to know, the body remembers The body remembers lost childhood magic, firsts of terror and delight; it remembers small feet in red boots, lifted high in waist deep snow The body remembers what the mind has buried, sealed against all but dream appearances; it conjures up running shadows, not quite recognized voices, sudden strength to scale a wall rising up at the edge of a wide, white, woodland The body remembers touch, belly laughs, sobs It remembers the way it felt when it was young If you want to know The body remembers Ask it May you find a way to tap into the body’s wisdom, during this dark season of memories, hope, and the spark of twinkling lights. May you re-experience a moment of childhood magic. And may you have the holidays you long for and need. I am grateful to be your minister. TO CONTACT THE MINISTER: Please email or call for an appointment Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays.; 584-1390 x202 (office); 727-8497 (home – before 9 pm for non-emergencies) The Pioneer 2