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6 TPF JOURNAL SERVING ON A BOARD     LINDA LYSAKOWSKI                                    Serving on the board of nonprofit can be a rewarding experience. Or….it can make you want to turn and run as fast as you can! So how can you be sure your board experience will be one of those good ones and not one that makes you wonder why you ever agreed to serve on the board? What Will The Charity Expect from You? During the board recruitment process, ask to see: •The articles of incorporation and bylaws •The 501 (c) (3) letter •A list of current board members •A list of board meeting dates for the year ahead •A board job description •A board organizational chart showing the committees of the board •A conflict of interest statement that you will be asked to sign. Ask if there is an attendance requirement at board meetings, if you’ll be asked to serve on one or more committee, whether you can chose your committee, and when this committee meets. What Should You Expect from the Charity? Yogi should expect the organization to be transparent, comply with all legal requirements, and adhere to ethical standards. You should expect the organization be financially stable and to operate programs that are needed in the community. You should expect the charity to inform you of major changes especially in the financial area, so you can make wise decisions. You should expect the organization to make use of your time, talents, and treasure. You should expect the charity be respectful of all opinion from board members but to follow Robert’s Rules of Order at official board meeting. You should expect the organization to involve you in the planning process. Ask about the estimated time you’ll be expected to give to attend meetings, events, and other board duties. Choosing the Right Charity If the board job description does not cover this topic, ask about the financial contribution you’ll be expected to ae and what involvement is expected in fundraising activities. I’ve given lots of advice to donors and board members on how to choose a charity with your head: THE PHILANTREPRENEUR JOURNAL | J U LY 2 0 1 6