The Pharmacist September/October 2018 - Page 43

p er Added Extra Added Confi dence Adex Gel Adex Gel does not contain topical corticosteroids Adex Gel off ers an eff ective, simple and diff erent approach to the treatment and management of mild to moderate eczema, contact dermatitis and psoriasis. Adex Gel emollient can help reduce infl ammation and redness because Adex Gel provides Added Extra anti-infl ammatory action. See the results with Adex Gel Essential Information: Adex ™ Gel Presentation: White opaque gel. Uses: Highly moisturising and protective emollient with an ancillary anti-infl ammatory medicinal substance for the treatment and routine management of dry and/or infl amed skin conditions such as mild to moderate atopic dermatitis, various forms of eczema, contact dermatitis and psoriasis. Directions: Adults, the elderly and children from 1 year of age. For generalised all-over application to the skin. Apply three times daily or as often as needed. Adex Gel can be used for as long as necessary either occasionally, such as during fl ares, or continuously if the added anti-infl ammatory action is benefi cial. Seek medical advice if there is no improvement within 2-4 weeks. Contra-indications, warnings, side effects etc: Do not use if sensitive to any of the ingredients. Keep away from the eyes, inside the nostrils and mouth. Temporary tingling, itching or stinging may for further information occur with emollients when applied to damaged skin. Such symptoms usually subside after a few days of treatment, however, if they are troublesome or persist, stop using and seek medical advice. Rarely skin irritation (mild rashes) or allergic skin reactions can occur on extremely sensitive skin, these tend to occur during or soon after the fi rst few uses and if this occurs stop treatment. As safety trials have not been conducted during pregnancy and breast-feeding, seek medical advice before using this product. Care should be taken as emollients which soak into clothing, pyjamas, bedlinen etc. can increase the fl ammability of these items. Patients should avoid these materials coming into contact with naked fl ames or lit cigarettes etc. As a precaution, dressings and clothing, etc., should be changed frequently and laundered thorou vǒखw&VFVG36&&W"vǖ6W&6&ח&7FFRƗV@&ff6F֖FRVWF6&&FW&FRG&֖RW&fVBvFW"66W2B2&6W3rGV&R *3"cSrV6 *3R㓒Vv6FVv'672VF6FWf6RvF6'VF67V'7F6RgW'FW"f&F2f&Rg&FRVf7GW&W#FW&&&F&W2FF&R6Rv6&RF6W'G24sBu"TFFRb&W&FVwW7B#r( FW( 2G&FV&GfW'6RWfVG26VB&R&W'FVBFFW&wwrFW&6Vf6