The Pharmacist September/October 2018 - Page 38

CLINICAL Managing high blood pressure in the pharmacy High blood pressure affects millions of people across the UK. But community pharmacists are ideally placed to help patients monitor this common condition, says Julie Ward lood pressure is the pressure of blood in the arteries. Blood pressure readings consist of two numbers, usually shown as one on top of the other and measured in mmHg (millimetres of mercury). If the reading is 120/80mmHg, it may be referred to as ‘120 over 80’. The first (top) number represents the highest level the blood pressure reaches when the heart contracts – known as systolic pressure. The second (bottom) number represents the lowest level the blood pressure reaches as the heart relaxes between beats – known as diastolic pressure. High blood pressure (hypertension) means that blood pressure is persistently above recommended levels. Unless stated otherwise, blood pressure should be below M L˂H]X\\X\KXX]\܈Y^B\X\H[YX[H]HHXY[[ŒL ˈ[H]Y\\H\H][ܙX\Y\و][˜HX\]X܈KY\\HYX\[ MZ[[ۈ[H[HRˈ[\[X]Y][Z[[ۈوH\H[XYۛY \\H\B\[H[H[\\ˈYH[HX^HۛB[]^x&]HH؛[H[^H]BHX\]X܈KY\\B۝X]\\[[و[X\]X˜[\[HR˂\Xܜ[YHZ[ݙ\ZY ][]X[[HY] [™[Y\X[X]]K[[]X[[H][[Z[H\ܞHوYH\XX\\[X\ؙ\ N\\KH[ۛ][HB[YP\XX[Xܛ[[[B][[\]Y\X\\H]Y\\˰XZ[Z[[HX[HZY YX[œ[[ZKX][[HوZ][Y]X\[Z[\X[HX]H[[][Y\\K\H\H[[\ܝ[\ZH8$][Y[H\B[ۈYYX][ۈYXHZ\\\K[HۛY^H]BY\\O•HۛH^HۛY[H]HY\\H\]H]YX\\Y [[[ Y[YY 8$[]HYHX[XXHZ\ []YH\XXY\K\H\H[Z[\[Y\[ܝ\\[[ [[[\ˈX[\Bٙ\[ۘ[[[H\\BYX\\[Y[ۈH[\HYHو YX\]H\وY\\K\\HR[HB\X][ۈ[[X[[\ZYۜXܛBR\H]YH\\HX[H\Y]Hو[][]H][˂XYۛ[Y\\B[H[\[[][ۋY\\BXY[\Hۜ\[HZ\YXݙBM LX[\Hٙ\[ۘ[Š[[H]][ۘ[ZY[[\H[[Y]H[X[]ܞH\\B[ۚ]ܚ[ PJH܈YH\\