The Pharmacist September/October 2018 - Page 15

VALNEVA IN PARTNERSHIP. SUPPORTING YOU. PROTECTING YOUR CUSTOMERS. Over 72 million trips abroad are made from the UK every year. 1 However, from a survey of over 1,000 UK travellers, only 41% sought advice before travelling. 2 VIP (Valneva in Partnership) is a programme of tools, assets and resources carefully designed to support pharmacies to off er a comprehensive travel health service, providing the necessary support to: Signifi cant funding cuts are having a detrimental impact on pharmacy income and stability. By providing a travel health service you can increase your revenue independent of the NHS. • • • • • Increase your travel health knowledge Expand your range of healthcare services Develop your potential market Improve your service and its visibility Create loyal returning customers for your overall healthcare services BENEFIT FROM ACCESS TO: Neva travel health training Desktop discussion aid Specialist travel health nurse mentorship Digital marketing & social media campaign Infl uencing & selling skills coaching clinic fi nder Added-value travel health products Disease awareness & clinic support materials Travel health study days Pharmacy service implementation support Pharmacists can register for FREE at: References: 1. Offi ce for National Statistics. Travel trends: 2017. 17 August 2018. Available online: traveltrends/2017 (Last accessed September 2018). 2. Valneva UK Limited. Data on File. Exploring UK’s Travellers Habits in Relation to Travel Vaccinations. February 2018 Sponsored and developed by Valneva UK Limited. Not to be reproduced or copied without the consent of Valneva UK Limited. Copyright © Valneva UK Limited 2018. UK/TRA/0918/0258 September 2018