The Pharmacist September/October 2018 - Page 10

VIEWS EU pharmacists are scared for their future post Brexit A no-deal Brexit might leave thousands of pharmacy workers in limbo, says The Pharmacist’s reporter Léa Legraien O Léa Legraien Reporter at The Pharmacist MORE ONLINE To read previous articles visit blogs/opinion 10 | The Pharmacist | September/October 2018 ver the past two years, I’ve been asking myself the same questions every day: ‘What will I have for lunch’ and ‘will I be able to remain in the UK after Brexit?’ When I arrived here, my intentions were to stay for six months, strengthen my English and pursue a master’s degree in journalism in my home country, France. It’s now been three and a half years since I started calling London ‘home’. But the nearer we get to the Brexit deadline, the more I fear for my future here. There are no fewer than 3.8 million EU nationals – 6% of the UK population – who are being kept in the dark. In Great Britain alone, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) counts 56,122 pharmacists registered to practise, of which 3,333 (5%) are from the European Economic Area (EEA) – a not insignificant number. Just like any pharmacist trained in the UK, EU pharmacists work hard to look after their community and have become familiar with their needs. I’m sure that, like me, they are constantly asked by people back home whether they’ll be able to remain in the UK after March 2019. When I’m asked, my answer is always the same: ‘I don’t have a clue’. Although I’m still able to travel to the EU with my national ID, I recently chose to use my passport instead. Before, I was happy to leave the UK Some 3,333 to spend time elsewhere. Now registered I fear the UK customs officer won’t let YHY]]YZ[œ\XX\[]Z[Hوو\Y[K\HHHQPBHRݙ\Y[\\Y[X]8&]Y]\&KH\\H\Z[X[\[\K][Y]8&\ۛHX][[[H][[H^Y\وH]]8&\X[H]ZH\^H]\K܈YK\YX[Z[XHXZH[Hۙ]\H[ۈHٙ\[ۘ[[\ۘ[][ ]YX[[X[H[HBY[x&]HY][ۙH^K]YX[^Z[YHHX\’H\\ ]YX[Z[[Hۜ[]HوX\]]\][x&]BZ[\HZY]\x&[H\HUH\XX\Y[^XHH[YKHݙHۙۈ[]H[[[ۈوX][ˈHܚ^H^H[XXH[^H\X]\[X^[]H[][H]B][\X x&[H\H[\UH][ۘ[][[HR8$Y\\›و]H8$Y[H[YKH[&]H\Z[[\[B^]YX][ۜ˂Hݙ\Y[X[HZY\\[ۜ]HUH\H8&ܙ\[[8&H[]8&۝[Y\ܚ\YZH]]HX[8&K]\H\[Hۙ^HYܙHHZ[[ۜوUH]^[][[ܚ[[BR[X]HX\K