The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 9

It makes for a new generation of clients. We don’t really deal in fashion, our suits arena the rotation for three to five years, so we try to steer away from making suits too trendy when there aren’t many in the rotation, purely as the suit is immediately dated. For those who don’t have many suits and are starting to invest in their wardrobe, I would generally suggest a fabric that is safe, not too memorable, a plain, so if it is being worn two or three times a week, it doesn’t look like it! With regard to fabric, I would suggest something a little more durable if the outfits are going to have heavy wear. More likely a worsted wool around a 12oz-13oz, these fabrics are traditionally hard wearing, they will stand the test of time and have a distinctive look and feel. We work on a principle of you owning a number of great suits all of which you love, not just one special suit, and add some smart casual jackets and trousers. These days there is often a dress down policy in business which often doesn’t require the formality of a suit. Ideally we build to five suits with two pairs of trousers, or ten suits and they are rotated. A mix of three to five smart casual jackets and trousers, and 12 great shirt combinations to compliment. Our team have a number of clients who are not so confident with what to wear or are colour blind; we designed a coding system so even if you wake up in the morning at 5am, everything you select with the same code means you will be Perfectly Attired and the knowledge you are utterly coordinated at all times from suit, tie, shirt and shoes. Confidence is everything. if you are feeling under par, the clothes we wear can change that. Clothes are a suit of armour that we go to do battle in. We want our soldiers always at their best. Its funny, I have reached my late 40’s and only now I really understand my body and my lifestyle, I admit it, I am prone to gaining and losing weight, about half a stone either way, as are many of my clients. I often vary the measurements and make it clear which items they are on the coding system, so they know without feeling any discomfort or any negativity towards themselves. I love the way my well fitting suits make me feel like a size 10. They say life will be better when you are a size 10 but actually my life is good every day as I feel fabulous in all my clothes because they all fit me and accommodate all my variations! So having a working wardrobe is really important whatever your lifestyle, needs wants and budget. That's why taking time and some thought at our consultation to decide on what make sense to add or replace really helps to make the right decisions. Our business is driven by referrals, our clients tell us they enjoy passing us on as we work hard to make sure they look the part, and we care about that. We are told it sets us apart. STYLISH GENTLEMAN 9