The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 8

YOUR STARTER SUIT By Lydia Foulkes Your starter suit, is the lynch pin of your wardrobe, so it is important to get it right. A firm basis from which to build upon. In the world of Business Life, a well fitted suit is perceived as the mark of professionalism. Taking pride in oneself, is thought of very positively. These days the market is so competitive, one wants to stand out and be remembered for the right reason. Not only disposition, but the way we present ourselves. The joy of having clothes made is not just the experience of being measured and the excitement of choosing cloth, its a great feeling having something in the works. Be warned when you embark on this journey you are likely to want to continue!! Enjoying a great fit in the cloth and design of your choice is something everyone should try. We at Perfectly Attired believe life is too short not too…. I don’t believe its really an age or money thing, as we know money always helps but often it is just that clients simply want to try having clothes made. Often they genuinely just don’t get what they want from retail. Whether thats choice or fit or perhaps even both. Plus as we don’t have shops, we visit our clients which means we are extremely competitive. Often it is the same price to have something made as it is to buy a mass produced ready made brand. We always give our clients the option to have our label or not. After all it is their suit. Our clients 8 really like what we do so generally elect to have one but we would never assume. Whenever I start to working with a client who hasn’t had anything bespoke made up, I suggest we start with a suit with two if not three pairs of trousers, all designed slightly differently so it looks like three suits, and for the Ladies a jacket, dress,skirt and trouser combo, so it has many more options to wear than just one suit….not only does it offer variety but gives great value. Many men don’t wear the jacket as much as the trousers so extra pair/s made sound financial sense to lengthen the life of the outfit. Many of my clients buy their son or daughter a "Graduate Suit’ this is a great deal we run, it is a very special price and given as a Graduation present. Naturally its a smart gift to someone leaving University entering the world of work. Parents know they are spending wisely and it is likely to help secure that first job. Also an excellent first suit, and a great place to build from. I have a number of clients who I still work with now for whom I made that first suit. Having found their feet and started working, we have since made many additions to the wardrobe to make sure they always look like they are dressing for their next role. It is a wonderful journey to see them move up through th H[ۛ[^H\H\Y[\XXKSTSSPS