The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 5

GENTLEMAN NEWS Bye Bye Rio, Hello Tokyo Though it was mired with controversy before the first whistle was sounded, the Rio Olympics turned out to be pretty damn spectacular. There were, as always, great feats of sporting endeavour. Legends were chiseled in the fabric of sport. Little known sportsmen & sportswomen took center stage and enthralled us with their daring do! We have to wait four years till Tokyo but wait we have Paralympics first! That will do. New Contributor We are delighted to welcome, Devoreaux Walton to the PG family. Devoreaux is the beauty and brains behind the lifestyle blog The Prep Pursuit, where she provides advice, tips, and tutorials on preppy style, proper etiquette, and polished culture. Her mission is to provide daily inspiration for a chic and polished life. Explore the preppy life at 5