The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 41

One of the insights I’ve had from working with men and understanding their sociology is that many, especially older men, have learned an unnatural, hard-boiled, one-sided gender tradition that keeps their true selves stifled and under-developed. Men are not nearly as tough as society and media would like you to think, on the contrary, their softness is written on their faces, and given the opportunity, men will express their sweet spirits and reveal their true selves. Design is about interpretation, and when the client’s authentic self – the man who he really is, not the man society says he is – is revealed, this becomes a blueprint for his new wardrobe and his new image. You see, I have a degree in Costume Design (Theatre), and costume designers pour over plays and research various angles of characters they’re designing clothing for. I follow the same process when I work with image clients because each person is a unique character, and I am lucky enough to uncover that character out and bring it to life! Chromatics Colour, or the reflection of light, is the next major step in the image process. In my experience, men are not as colour-aware as women are, and by the heavy hand of social masculine expectation, they are not allowed to experience colour as women do. I have spent a lot of time contemplating colours that are “socially acceptable” for men – their largely limited dark, drab options leave much to be desired, and to me, this is chromatic robbery! To give men a good base to understand colour, I explain colour as light, as solar radiation, and discuss it in terms of physics and light frequency. During the colour analysis process, men have their eyes opened to colour and how it reflects and interacts with the light that shines from their faces. It is something of an honour to reveal a handsome face to a man who may not have been able to see himself this way before, and his perception is forever changed. The Perfect Lady 41