The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 36

It Falls Down Final Thoughts We would never wish a romance to falter or break up here at PGHQ but we are also practical. You do have to thing about what happens if this affair of the heart turns into a nightmare. If you do find the person of your dreams in your workplace, we salute you but do take into consideration these point we have raised. Unless one of you leave the company, you will still have to interact maybe even on a daily basis and that means maintaining professionalism, which maybe hard. It is certainly something to consider before trundling down the romantic corridor or cubicles. 36 If it is 'the one' then perhaps look to find a position in another company. It might work out for the better, as time apart is healthy in most relationships. One final thing, if you are spending all your time together, make sure that when you leave the office - work talk stops. You want the moments away from the office to be all about you and your love. Romantic Gentleman