The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 35

Take it Outside Above & Below Yes, with regards to almost everything. If you do embark on a relationship with a work colleague it is probably best to make sure your interactions happen away from the work place. About a quarter of all Office Romances are between different levels in the hierarchy and this is seen by a third of the people as the most unacceptable form of workplace relationship. That means that firstly you should attempt to keep your personal & private lives separate. Maintain professionalism and decorum at all times. There is no point bringing the morning grumble about who forgot to get coffee into the workplace as it might affect your effectiveness. If you are in this position, do realise the impact that it might have on you both, no matter who is the superior or subordinate. There will be gossip and discussion about you both and this may lead to rumours of favourtism and bias. Therefore it is best to try and stick the the previous point. Secondly, keep the displays of affection away from the workplace. You don't want to annoy some of your colleagues with your expressions of love. On final thing on this point, It will never be a secret for long, so don't try and hide it, it will be perceived as much worse for you. Romantic Gentleman 35