The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 34

The Office Romance By The Romantic Gentleman It happens, it happens more frequently than you would think, indeed the Vault survey says about 56% of people have had relationships at work. That is not surprising, you spend the majority of your waking hours at your job therefore is is the most likely place to meet someone. Indeed, it is more likely in isolated or high pressure environments. How many times have we heard about actors falling for each other or the crew whilst away filming or people on a project falling for each other. Though it does happen, we are all for romance at the Perfect Gentleman, there are a few things you should be consider before getting hot and bothered by the coffee machine. 34 Know the Rules We know it sounds like we are being a kill joy before we have even began but this is an important point. You need to know your company's policy for office relationships. In some companies and sectors it is banned, therefore your passion could jeopardise your career. In other companies it may not be an explicit written rule but an implicit one and the culture may frown on it. You might have to ponder whether or not the risk is worth the romance. Romantic Gentleman