The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 3

From the Desk of #1PG Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to Issue 7 of the magazine and we are Back to School or Back to Work if you would rather! We hope you have had a most enjoyable summer. We have been busy tiling away over most of the summer months, we will not be making that mistake next year, but that is for the future and we are here & excited about this issue. We are always shaking things up here at the Perfect Gentleman & we have come to September some pep in our step and vigour in our demeanour. We are Back to School after all. Over the Summer we planned out the next years worth of content and themes (you can see that on the PG Schedule pages) and there are now only a few regular columns and not every Perfect Gentleman area is covered during each month. Our articles are now centered around the themes for each month. We still have the News, Reviews and as always our Perfect Lady. What we have done is add a few things, there is now a regular section on Product Reviews which can be anything from fashion to technology. In this month we are review Grooming Products & a watch. The Featured Products will now be a monthly feature. And we are bringing our Agony Uncle to the magazine, Uncle Henry is here. You will also have forgive us, we might occasionally be a little self-indulgent and talk about our courses, events and other items a little bit more. We will also be bringing a few more contributors to the fold, this month is no exception, we have the lovely Devoreaux Walton from Texas. As you can see we are shaking things up this new term. Take a seat on the bench, break out the lunch box and whilst you nibble your cheese sandwich join us on this month's Gentleman Journey! Educationally & Gentlemanly yours, Zach Falconer-Barfield #1PG 3