The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 27

Joe Grooming by PG Team The kind people over at Joe Grooming sent us a whole goody box of products from Shampoos to Hair Styling and Body Scrubs to Beard Oils. Indeed there was so much in the box, we certainly couldn't do all of it justice in one review. We thought we would break it down into two. Our first impression of all the products was first-rate packaging. Modern, sleek simple with easy to use dispensing methods. One little detailed we liked was the seals in each of the products, a nice touch. Daily Shampoo It is a clear liquid that pours easily into the hand, but the first thing to hit you is the really pleasant fragrance, you can really smell the eucalyptus in the product. Lathers well and feels good on the scalp, indeed a fair level of tingle, which was appreciated. After using the product for a few days, we where very happy with how it was with our hair. It did not feel as dry as with some other brands. Daily Conditioner As with the Shampoo, it is what you would expect a think white liquid that went easily onto the scalp and coated the hair with ease. In this month we talk shampoos & conditioner, the scrub & the shave cream. Then next month will review the hair & beard styling products, as well as the fragrances. As we said a whole heap of products! Right on to the products themselves. Again a very pleasant fragrance of mint and along with another tingle on the scalp. It does make you feel that the product is doing its work then! Again as with the Shampoo, after a few days of use, it held up well. Did not give that chemical shine that some other brands do but still looked and felt healthy. The Product Reviews 27