The Perfect Gentleman Issue 7 - Page 11

Top 5 Starter Suit Tips 1 - NAVY OR GREY With your first suit, you should keep it simple and stick with basic colours. Navy is preferable as it is the most adaptable. 2 - IF THE SHOULDER FITS When buying a suit off the rack, then make sure that the shoulder fits. Make sure it sits around the neck & shoulders correctly, with no bunching or stretching. 3 - BUY 2 TROUSERS Always buy a second pair of trousers if you can. Trousers wear quicker than jackets and will make your suit last longer. Do remember to alternate each pair of trousers. 4 - FIND AN ALTERATION TAILOR With your off the rack suit in hand, then the next thing to do is find an alteration tailor. Some stores will have one in house but not all. You should budget 10% of your suit spend for alterations. When purchasing look to go a size up as it will give the tailor some cloth to play with. 5 - TREAT IT RIGHT You have your lovely suit and trousers and it would be a shame not to treat it correctly. Get a good wooden hanger for your suit. Hang the trousers by folding each leg across the bar (picture on Instagram) it will reduce creases quickly. Dry Clean the suit at most once a year, instead sponge & press the suit, it will make it last longer. STYLISH GENTLEMAN 11