The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 8

Non-Animal Clothing Alternatives So that’s the bad stuff. What about the good news? Mainly, the good news is that the alternatives are better in every way. The only hitch at the moment is the lack of variety and current availability. There are many alternatives for clothing materials like polyester, for example, but polyester isn’t very environmentally friendly. We all know about the problems plastics are causing to the environment and plastic clothing is the worst offender because it sheds tiny fragments of plastic as it wears. These plastic fragments have been found in the sea and in the life within it. Plants then. There are two distinct approaches. The first is to use a fibre from a plant as the actual fibre. Cotton needs no introduction, but my personal favourite is hemp. It’s an astonishingly useful material, you can make both milk and car glove boxes out of it. Try that with wool. Actually, don’t try that with wool. Cotton is also a natural plant fibre but it requires a great deal of pesticide coverage and also does not degrade quickly, so while it has many advantages, it must be treated with caution. 8 The second approach is to extract cellulose from the plant and make that into fibres of various types. This means that more varieties of fabric can be manufactured. This is being discussed extensively in the media. The Discerning Brute, a vegan clothing blog by Joshua Katcher who also runs the label Brave Gentle Man, has written in detail about the moral and ethical matters I have discussed here. Modal is a fibre made from plant cellulose. Cellulose is the key here and many plants can be used in its production. Tencel (also known as Lycocel) is a common fabric, often used in suits. I have a Tencel suit and jolly good it is too, although it makes me look like 2&6FV7BगN( 2FRFW6vFN( 2BfVBW&RBFRf'&2U2f6vB&G7G&W6W2FV6VWFV6fVǒञ( f66FVB'&&( vV&r&&VFW&v&VG22GRF2BFW&PW6VVB6gB7G&WF66W&f7B'6&&VB&&w&w2fW'V6ǒB6w&r"6FF27VrbVFW2W7G&Ɩ6UVFW2W2fVGW&RbFV ֖7&FG&vW'26֖rFVF&P7WW&"F6fVF6gfW2ࠤdTEU$TBtTDTࠠ