The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 42

“Yes, but I really like vegetables,” I continued, in the hopes of being served a delicious vegetable stir-fry, or veg sushi that he learned to make while he lived in Japan. When the evening arrived and I walked into his place, he poured me a beer and I sat down at the table. “This is so great – no one ever cooks for me!” I said, bursting with curiosity, wondering what fantastic dish awaited me. After all that talk about vegetables and beans, what does he make me? A cheese omelette. My disappointment ran deep. I’ve only met one man in the recent past who didn’t seem too shaken when I broke the news of my diet to him. He was good about it, asked me questions, and then explained that he doesn’t eat red meat, but fish and chicken. I liked that he tried to side with me on the diet, that he made some sort of effort to make things better for his body and for the planet. He asked me over and offered to cook for me. I was flabbergasted. No romanticallylinked man in history has ever cooked for me. I swooned! This man’s saving grace is that he’s Italian, and there are a lot of pastas and oils and tomato sauces that pass as vegan. He made me simple, authentic penne with tomato sauce, served with some Italian bread and a glass of wine. Nice. Tasty. Appreciated! Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between this fellow and I, but I will not forget the meal and how much it meant to me. The Dating Vegan Eating a vegan diet is great for my health, but not so good for my social life; dating can be just plain weird. Though things are changing, I think that many people are terrified of vegans. My advice to gentlemen who find themselves attracted to women who happen to be vegans: have an open mind – we do. Vegans are much more than salad eaters – I regularly make delicious curries, bean dishes, and versatile vegetable dishes. Don’t dismiss a woman because you can’t cope with her diet – you could be passing up something very valuable – and tasty! If I meet a man who I’m interested in and tell him I’m vegan, often, he panics and doesn’t know how to handle it. It’s as if I’ve told him that I practice voodoo or something. 42 The Perfect Lady