The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 41

Turning Vegan It takes time, research, and experimentation to remove meat and dairy from one’s diet, but eating vegan feels cleaner (there is less germ-clutching mucous in my body) and better. People often say that they could give up meat, but not cheese. Fair enough, but I’m the type that once I put my mind to something, I stick with it. Since making the switch about five years ago, I’ve lost my taste for cheese (and eggs and dairy products in general), and if I do have a craving for it, there are vegan “cheese” choices for me to have. As a vegan, I have a clean diet, I’m rarely ill, and suffer no health problems. I feel good, energetic, and full of life. So a vegan lifestyle is good for me, though it can be difficult to navigate if I go out to eat. Even though I live in the most multi-cultural city in the world, Toronto isn’t awash with vegan restaurants, though things are getting better, and most restau []HY]\X[X\][X\[HHXYHY[H۸&]][]Y][\\Y\˜X]\Hو^HY] ۙHو^HY[\BY[Y\H\HH\HقY]\X[[\K܈\[X][][ˈHݙH[HݙH\[HۈY[Z\[K]\X[B\[\]H]H^HY[ܙ[^B[\\Y\[HYHݙ\[™܈]\[ۙK]8&\[[H]YY]]œ[K][[X][KH[وBܚ˂\Y\YH[[وH[ۈB\H\H\[ۋHY[[ٙ\˜܈YK\\[YۙH[YH[H\[X][[ݛ YK[X Z\JBY] 8'YHݙ\x&[܈[Hx'HHY[]x&Yۛۈ܈YX\ZY '][HX]'HH\Y '[ HX]HوY]X\ܘZ[[X[8'HHY['][HX]Z\H[YY'BH\XYB B