The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 40

Dating as a Vegan Lady by Leah Morrigan The Vegan Life Way back in 1992, I had a moment of clarity one day when grocery shopping with my father. I had a profound thought about human consumption as I watched people rifling through the packaged meats in the cooler to choose the piece they wanted to eat, because at that moment, I recognized the meat on the Styrofoam trays as parts of an animal, (formerly) alive like I was. It was that moment that changed my life – and my diet – forever. Now, I’m vegan and consume no animal products at all because I recognize animals as living creatures that exist on the same level as humans – we’re made of the same stuff, we all eat, love, and make copies of ourselves. I don’t see animals as being any different than humans, except that humans, the “smartest” monkeys, have decided to 40 treat our fellow living beings as something to be controlled and consumed, mostly in horribly cruel ways. Now, thinking back to when I was a young vegetarian, I remember people being agitated and defensive around me when I told them that I didn’t eat meat. They came up with all sorts of excuses around their diet, even if I didn’t ask. Apparently they either felt guilty or had come into contact with a militant vegetarian who got under their skin. As a former vegetarian and now a vegan, I don’t get down anyone’s throats about it; people can make their own decisions and I respect that, just like I expect people to respect around my dietary choices. The Perfect Lady