The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 39

We have come through 6 issues of the Magazine over 21 podcasts and a plethora of video content on the Media side of Perfect Gentleman during the first 8 months of the year and we have neglected a little bit about the other side of The Perfect Gentleman, the education. Our plan is to marry the two a little bit more and change the brand emphasis ever so slightly to make that happen. How will this happen you may ask, firstly, we will have themed months for both the Magazine & the Podcasts from September and the content will be more focused on the month’s theme rather than our Perfect Gentleman areas. For example some months will have more style and others more romance but we will still keep an element of each key area in the magazine. The Podcasts & Magazines will share the same monthly theme but frequently not the same content; indeed we will be having more group podcast chats and more interviews than the magazine, as we won’t always have an interview in the magazine. We will look to shorter punchier articles with one or two long form pieces and thought leaders and maybe even a story or two. We will also be linking our content a little bit more to our courses, events and experiences. We are starting to run our educational elements again in London and through our franchisees around the world but we want to make you aware of them. We will not be ‘Hard Selling’ our courses– now that would not be very Gentlemanly, so don't’ worry about that, but just giving you more connected content to educational side of what we do here at PGHQ. From September, we will have our own little studio and therefore be able to do more & more video – so you will start to see that being promoted across our social media channels and we will let you know in the magazine too. Across all the media platforms, we will be doing more reviews of products, brands and other elements that make up The Perfect Gentleman world. We will have a regular featured products double page spread, as well as reviews. We are focusing on making The Perfect Gentleman more about the Life Skills and knowledge that every modern man and indeed woman needs to succeed in life in todays world. This gives you an overview of what we are doing but you will have more details in September with out Back to School Issue. The Perfect Gentleman Update 39