The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 33

Despite a stellar season, however, the Cavaliers still were considered the underdog against the stronger Golden State Warriors. The Cavs had a 3-1 deficit and Lebron would not quit. A gentleman never quits. It all came down to the dramatic final moments in Game 7 as LeBron set up teammate Kyrie Irving to score the winning basket. Cleveland, this is for you,” shouted a teary-eyed LeBron after the final buzzer. A gentleman always keeps his promises. In a post-game interview, he also held his little daughter in his arms as he savored the victory in a dignified and reserved way. A gentleman lets his actions doing his talking. It was also reported that LeBron, himself a fledging actor, watched “The Godfather” six times during the post-season. While it is a violent film about gangsters, the classic film’s theme is actually about family and honor – something to which “Gentleman James” could relate. Off the court, James hasn’t forgotten his roots. A gentleman never forgets where he came from. LeBron has been a tireless promoter and cheerleader for Cleveland. He established the “I Promise” program with the University of Akron to provide 1,100 low-income students in Akron, Ohio, with a college education. James grew up on the streets of Akron, a city adjacent to Cleveland. The program will cost the LeBron James Family Foundation, his non-profit organization, nearly $42 million dollars. The Cavaliers victory wasn’t only a tonic for Cleveland but gave America a positive distraction during the start of a difficult summer. Sport often has been used to unite and give solace to a nation. The dramatic come-from-behind win came on the heels of a terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida where a gunman killed 49 people and wounded 53 at Pulse, a popular gay nightclub. The country also was in the midst of a divisive and contentious Presidential election, and experienced the start of Zika virus concerns. Of course, the peace was short-lived as more tragedies unfolded in the US and around the world, but for one, brief shining moment; Le Bron James made people believe that a gentleman can always do the impossible. Sincerely, Brian R. Sheridan Our Man in the USA 33