The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 3

From the Desk of #1PG Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to The Green Issue of The Perfect Gentleman Magazine, we are really excited about this issue as this was about direct engagement with our audience that this issue came about. One of our regular Twitter followers, Matthew Bate, suggested that we do something about Vegan/Vegetarian, Sustainable Style. We had a discussion and thought it would be an excellent idea. In fact, we are pretty sure that no other Gentleman’s Lifestyle publication has done anything similar. We are excited to break new ground & maybe some new thoughts. We took the decision to reduce the advertisers and this issue is a shorter one. In this Issue we talk a lot Vegan Style & Thrifting. Mathew Bate discourses on all things Vegan with an focus on Style. We have an interview with Christina Sewell from PETA talking to Brian Sheirdan. We talk have green dating ideas and more ecofriendly travel tips, and we delve into ecofriendly grooming products. Our featured products are perfect for the Green Gentleman and The Perfect Lady discussthe trials & tribulations of Vegan dating. We at PG HQ are generally neutral on all matters (except socks & sandals) and in this issue the authors opinions are their own, it is for you to make up your minds. Just to let you know we are shaking things up across our content platforms from September but there will be some changes in this issue, a preview of what's to come. We have a little preview of what is happening both in the content and across The Perfect Gentleman world later in the issue so for now - come on jump into the issue and let us know what you think. Enjoy this Issue and we look forward to seeing you next month for our Back to School September Issue. Green Gentlemanly yours, Zach Falconer-Barfield #1PG 3