The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 28

Tomato & Mustard – Thinly sliced de-seeded tomatoes with a smear of Wholegrain Mustard. Hummus & Roast Pepper – Roast some red & yellow pepper with a mixture of olive oil & good quality paprika, when they are soft leave to cool and then pat dry and place on top of shop brought hummus the one you like the most. Grape & Rocket – Thinly slice some dark grapes and place a couple of springs of rocket on the top. Sweet & Sharp. Vegetarian Feta & Radish – Place thinly sliced Radishes below a layer of crumbled feta cheese. Egg & Wasabi Mayo - using a good mayo mix in a little wasabi and then the hard boiled egg. The Bread should have the crusts cut off and be served about the width of two fingers and the length of your middle finger, hence Finger Sandwiches. You can use dairy free spread or a light dusting of olive oil spread on with a brush. Scones Vegan & Vegetarian Scones can be a little tricky to make work, we have had some success but we had to hand it to Charlotte Oates from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen website for her delicious Coconut Scones. We tried them and they were perfect with that slight hint of Coconut but nothing that would over power any other flavours. For Jam, you can make your own but rather than go through the hassle we would suggest some Tiptree Black Cherry Conserve. Now, if you re Vegetarian then go all guns blazing for Clotted Cream but if you are vegan then you have to make it with a Coconut Cream base. You will need about 400ml of Coconut Cream (or chilled Coconut Milk that you have separated the liquid from) add a heaped Tablespoon of Icing Sugar and a splash of vanilla essence. Whisk until the correct consistency. There you go - Scones, Jam & Cream that would hold their own at the Ritz. You can find the full recipe here. 28 The Suited Chef