The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 27

A Very Green Afternoon Tea Sandwiches As the Suited Chef, I thought a lot about what we should do for our Culinary Gentleman section considering it was all about the Vegan & Vegetarian. I had thought curries or different takes on traditional dishes but then we realised that the magazine issue coincided with National Afternoon Tea Week, so the decision was made. We have to make Vegan/Vegetarian Afternoon Tea. Traditional Afternoon Tea is made up of Sandwiches, Scones & a variety of Cakes. So we shall give you some ideas for all of those sections and the recipes or where to go to find them. You can either purchase shop brought bread or you can make your own Bread, it is really simple and needs time a good recipe for that is from here. The real thing is the fillings and this is where we get creative. Vegan Cucumber & Mint – Thinly slice the Cucumber & let it sit in a strainer for a good quarter of an hour with a pinch of salt and then pat dry with Kitchen Paper. Then place in the sandwiches with a sprig or two of mint. The Suited Chef 27