The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 11

Then there are the chemicals such as Sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulphate. These are the foaming agents in grooming products and they have been linked to irritations, dermatitis and more. Parabens (preservatives) have been linked to lowering in testosterone levels and Phthalates are linked to Asthma, cancer and other health problems. Take some time, Ladies & Gentlemen and look at the label and review your products before putting them in the shopping basket or certainly on your body. The good news is that there are a plethora of brands that are now combating the lack of Green Grooming and leading the charge in both the ethical, sustainable and ecologically friendly Male Grooming Products. We have chosen a few brands that stand out for us. Gentleman Hack - Ecological Shaving Swap the multi-blade razor with their expensive heads for a Safety Razor with double-edged safety razor blades. Yes, you will have to take your time over your shave and yes, there will be a little bit of up front cost for the handle but then after that a packet of blades can last you a very long time for a minimal cost. We recommend Thomas Clipper for the handle but the blades you can pick up for as little as £7/$10 for 100 blades and we would be surprised if you got through those in a good couple of years! Bulld p2FRFFGFR&6FRf'7B6F&R&fVBVR66WF727FF&G0'7'VVGg&VRFW&FFR&GV7G2&PBFW7FVB2"FW&fR琦w&VFVG2g&2rFVfVvg&VFǒGW&ǒFW&Rg&VRg&F6P7G6V֖62BFFBFW&Pff&F&RvVFVǒW&GV7G2( 0&vf6Rv6b7GW&6W w&VBvVFVࠣ