The Perfect Gentleman Issue 6 - Page 10

Sustainable Grooming Products by Groomed Gentleman We Gentleman of the modern era have embraced grooming, it has stepped out from behind the shadow of tacky aftershaves and odorous body sprays and now is a multi-billion dollar industry led by the giants of Unilever and Procter & Gamble. And now we Gentlemen are taking the next step and worrying about what we put on our bodies as much as we put in it. We are also becoming more and more concerned about how the products we use impact the world around us. Both of these things mean that we need to take a look at the ingredients in our shower gels and shaving foams. Let us look at some of the culprits to watch out for - 10 MicroBeads (listed a PE, PP, PET or polyethylene) these little items were a cosmetic company’s dream at the beginning. Tiny beads that could be put into Shampoos, Facial Scrubs, Shower Gels and more that may seem innocuous but by pass the treatment facilities ending up in rivers and oceans collecting toxins and being eaten by wildlife. Palm Oil is linked to deforestation and therefore climate change & habit wreckage and people displacements. Whole swathes of rainforest are cut down in places like Indonesia and other countries in the world, as Palm Oil is pervasive in all manner of products. There is sustainable Palm Oil production but on 35% of growers have signed up. Groomed Gentleman