The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 91

we all need a savior song by: 513free Verse 1 Welcome to my world, a battle from my mind Where time and time again I’m not even in the fight When the bell rings and sin surrounds me It’s like I’m trapped in here, with my immorality Sometimes I’m so vulgar, I make myself sick It’s like these demons in my head, keep playing dirty tricks Round and round they go will they stop no one knows It’s like they’re holding onto me, they won’t let go I need a Savior come and save me come and change my heart Everything inside of me is falling apart Chorus We all need a Savior We all need a change So open up, and let the love in You’ll never be the same Verse 2 It’s a head game, but I never win And when it’s game over, it just starts again I try to run from it, I try to close my eyes and hide But I don’t think I can take, much more of this lie It’s breaking me apart inside, like a puzzle in mind Got me scared and confused, I’m sacred and confused And I’m paranoid, it’s like I run from myself I put some fear in my pocket and my faith back on the shelf I need a Savior, save me, save my soul From these vices in my life Father take control Bridge (Rap) Cuz we all need, air to breathe A past to leave, a truth to believe But what happens when my world and your world collide No more sides no more us versus them can try lies or lives? Realize we are both in the same spot, in need of a Savior More than self-help on paper that is just my device behavior I can tell you what love is, but you know it when it’s real There’s pain you conceal open up let Him heal 91