The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 90

the weight of it all song by : 513free

Verse 1 Sit back and just relax , and take a deep breath Cuz what I ’ m about to say has been weighing on my chest If I don ’ t get it out , I ’ m afraid I might digress No I ’ m not suicidal but sometimes I get depressed
And there are days I wish that I could climb in someone else ’ s mind So I could see the world I
know , through a different set of eyes But I would quickly settle for , a little bit of hope That in the end when I die , I won ’ t die alone
Chorus Oh the weight of it all Oh the weight of it all It ’ s coming down on me
Verse 2 Snap back to my reality I think the world is mad at me So frantically I ’ m panicking but that ’ s the way it has to be Catastrophe , insanity , the words I use to help you see The war I wage inside my head this broken down reality
These thoughts that flood my mind you ’ ll never see them in my face Cuz I can never let you think , I am anything but great Oh the weight , of it all , will I bend , will I
break All I know is I don ’ t know how much more I can take
Verse 3 Honestly this honestly is way too much for me to bear I ’ d rather talk around in circles than be real with you and share My fear of dying in a car or getting cancer in these bones And being buried in the grave , not sure where I will go
This fear has always been my prison , and I m locked up in the hole
I could let myself out but I ’ m not quite sure where I would go It ’ ll take a miracle to just save me from myself inside my mind But I ’ ll say this prayer again with hope , You ’ ll answer me this time