The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 89

I guess a lot of young people don’t really think about how some of the things they do can change their lives in a negative or positive way forever. I didn’t think a lot about things I did. I acted like I would get another chance in life. I was wrong about that. I found out the hard way when my friend took his own life by hanging himself. I used to have a belief that people who committed suicide looked a certain way or acted a certain way. My friend was a normal acting young person. He had plenty of friends, somewhat popular. He had a large, nice family. It still messes with me about what he did. I do remember when we were young, we tried to act like we had it all together. Even when the truth be told, we were confused and trying to figure out who were and how to fit in. We were going through emotional and physical changes that we didn’t want to share with each other. I believe that was truly a mistake that I regret. If only we were honest with each other about our problems and not make fun of each other when someone wanted to talk about personal issues. I believe if we would have made it easy for the group of us that hung out together to talk about life issues, my friend that committed suicide would still be alive. I guess it goes back to the story when a parent tells a small child not play with fire or touch a hot stove because the child will get hurt. But the little child is very curious to see if their parents are telling them the truth or if they are trying to keep them from having fun. So the child touches the hot stove or plays in the fire and they get hurt. They could have avoided the injury if they would have just listened to the advice of their parents. Instead the child had to find out the hard way. A lot of people are like that child at times, including me. I didn’t want to listen when someone was giving me advice, and it got me into a lot of trouble. It even cost some of my friends their lives. There are a lot of people in prison because they didn’t want to listen to someone giving them a warning on not to do something, but they did it anyways. I just want to say it is okay to listen to others and take advice from older people that are good role models. It may save you from pain or trouble. I can’t go back and do life over, but I want to say to all the young people in the world, “don’t be afraid to talk to someone about your pain or struggles.” There are people who have been right where you are in life, and they have overcome what you are dealing with. It is okay to talk to someone. They can help you. I wish I would have talked to someone when I was younger, maybe I wouldn’t be in prison with a 40-year sentence. As I look back into my past, I notice that my friends and I started doing small careless things, which later turned into bigger issues. The things we started to do for fun later turned into not so fun things that got us into trouble. For example, I went from my uncle giving me beer to drinking as a small child, to a teenager who got drunk a lot waking up with headaches. The worst part is how I lost a friend in a car crash due to drunk driving. We should have listed to the older people who told us not to be drinking and driving. I can’t go back and do life over, but I want to say to all the young people in the world, “don’t be afraid to talk to someone about your pain or struggles.” 89