The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 83

introduction to Alan Hirsch by Chris VanDyke Jesus is incredible. He is absolutely amazing. I am learning this more and more. I am learning this by trusting Jesus, as is the whole 513FREE team. We all want you to be able to trust Jesus as well. We want you to trust Him because you know how incredible He is. Why? Because Jesus IS incredible. And when we are living according to how incredible He actually is, everything changes. I’m not saying all of our circumstances change. Often, they do not. I am saying everything changes in a way that we see things differently. Different in a good way. Different in a way that gives hope. Different in a way that involves trust. Different in a way that receives and gives love... Regardless of circumstances. C.S. Lewis once said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the Sun has risen not only because I see it but because by it I see everything else.” But maybe you don’t think that Jesus is incredible. I get it. Truth is, I am still learning how incredible He actually is as well. I have come to realize, however, that when I don’t think that He’s incredible, it’s not because He’s not incredible. It’s because I don’t know Him in the way that He actually is. There are many ways for this to happen. Maybe someone explained Jesus to us incorrectly. Maybe we learned about Jesus by watching someone else, and that person didn’t understand Him or know Him like we thought they did. Maybe He didn’t meet our expectations or fit into our preconceived ideas of who we wanted Him to be or feel like He should be. Or maybe we learned about Jesus on a Sunday morning in a building filled with people, some of who may not realize how incredible Jesus is, including the one who was teaching us. The point is, if you don’t think that Jesus is absolutely incredible, question your reasons why and don’t be satisfied with anything less than finding out if He actually is that incredible. This is what I am personally experiencing and know plenty of others who are experiencing the same thing. When one sees Jesus for who He actually is, our thoughts towards Him always change. When one comes to realize, and accepts that Jesus’ life, His death, His resurrection is literally the power of God for us to be right with God, acceptable to God, things start to radically change. Ultimately, God is the ultimate authority and His opinion is the only one that actually matters, all of the time. Being acceptable in God’s eyes is really important. It changes everything. When we actually get to understand and know Jesus, and see God’s heart and intentions through Jesus, Jesus becomes incredible. In fact, the more we understand Him, know Him, and trust Him, following Jesus becomes more incredible than we could have ever imagined back when we thought He wasn’t all that incredible. So incredible, that even the worst of circumstances can be looked at in a totally different way. That doesn’t mean that circumstances get better, they might even get worse. It does change how we see ourselves in the circumstances though. It does help us to accept the circumstances. It even helps free us to be able to do really amazing things in circumstances that are really terrible. Why am I saying all of this? Because Alan Hirsch is a person who God has used to help the 513FREE team understand and know Jesus in an incredible way. He has a powerful way of explaining Jesus. He has a powerful way of revealing God’s incredible plan through Jesus in a way that makes the Gospel accessible. In a way for us to see everything through Jesus. In a way that helps us to see everything differently. Just a few of these different ways have been: Jesus is LORD. He is LORD of lords. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him. No matter if you submit to Him as LORD or not, He still is. Regardless if you know Him as LORD, He still is. When Jesus becomes your LORD, He becomes the authority over all of the aspects of your life, including the ways that you aren’t allowing Jesus to be LORD, as Jesus is also the LORD of redemption and reconciliation as well. Regardless of if we are in circumstances that we perceive as good or bad, Jesus is LORD. Jesus started a movement. He desires to include us in that movement. That movement is awesome. If the movement of Jesus that you see isn’t awesome, it may not be Jesus’ movement. Or, you may be misperceiving how awesome it actually is. Maybe it doesn’t look that awesome to you, but ask someone who is being moved by Jesus and you’ll hear how awesome it is. Why? Because as we start moving in Jesus’ movement with Him, we expe rience how powerful Jesus’ movement is. We also see that Jesus’ movement can happen anywhere, anytime, through anyone who’s willing to move with Jesus. Don’t let your preconceived ideas of what Jesus’ movement should look like stop you from moving with Jesus. I realize that some of the things that Alan says in his blog might not seemingly apply to you because of your circumstances. Ask Jesus to help you see your circumstances differently: in a way that allows you to apply these things to your circumstances, in a way that you didn’t expect, in a way in which Jesus can move through you. Because, Jesus really is that incredible. Because Jesus wants to move through you. Because Jesus is LORD. 83