The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 71

Six years ago, I pulled the car over, got out of the driver’s seat and asked Jesus to drive. Now, I was a Christian. At times I didn't like how Jesus was driving or the roads He took, so I’d reach for the wheel, and we’d end up off the road. Jesus asked me to get in the backseat so I wouldn't interfere with His driving. But even then I would jump over His shoulder and grab the wheel. After another accident, Jesus did something drastic… He got out of the car and put me in the trunk! He said the storm was coming, and He didn't want me crashing the car. To my surprise, the trunk was quite comfortable. I didn’t feel the car jerking or swerving to avoid downed trees. No slamming on the brakes or sudden moves at all. If I hadn't felt the trunk vibrate because of the pounding rain, heard the wind howl and things crashing to the ground, or seen flashes of light when lightening struck, I would have thought it was a calm drive to the mailbox, from the garage. When we got to the first stop on the trip, He let me out of the trunk. Shockingly, cars and trucks were overturned on both sides of the highway, trees were down, and the road was flooded. After surveying all of the carnage, He asked me if I trusted him to drive now? The only thing I could say was, “Yes”. We refueled the car and set out again. For the rest of the journey, I’ve been in the passenger seat. Sometimes Jesus drives us right through these storms as if they didn’t even exist. Sometimes He takes a road that avoids them altogether. But we always get to the next stop along the way in one piece. There’s such a peace inside the car with Jesus that I don’t even notice the turmoil outside of it. We've been stopping by some of the places affected or devastated by ‘Hurricane Eric.’ We've been helping with the clean-up and assisting in the rebuilding of what couldn't be salvaged. I pray one day our presence will be welcome in your life. Hopefully it’s not too late to build the healthy father/daughter relationship we should've had from the first time we met. I would love the opportunity to show you how sorry I am for the past mistakes I’ve made; to show you how much you mean to me; and show you how much I love you. Sincerely from the desk of, Your father-in-training 71