The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 61

Dear Friend ,
There is a simple message from God that is repeated over and over throughout Scripture – He delights far more in our efforts to know Him than in any gift we might offer Him . God created us with a deep desire to be known , so it shouldn ’ t be difficult for us to understand that seeking Him expresses to Him our love better than words ever could .
Jesus said , “ But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well ( Matthew 6:33 ).”
, we begin to take advantage of our great privilege to personally know God when we receive His free gift of new life through Jesus Christ ( born again ). From that moment on , we are filled with the Holy Spirit . Jesus , our mediator spanned the gap of sin that separated God and man . Through His death on the cross , He made it possible to truly know God . It is impossible to truly know God apart from knowing Jesus .
So if you know God and have a close relationship with Him , don ’ t you ever , ever give up on Him . He ’ s the greatest thing ever ! If you stray from God , you should reconcile with Him , now . You know that there is no one compared to Him ? I ’ m sure you have seen or heard the commercial by Allstate Insurance Company saying , “ You ’ re in good hands .” Guess what ? Only God can guarantee you and I full , all-the-way-around protection .
If God is for us , who can be against us ( Romans 8:31 ).
Read Isaiah 41:10 , Joshua 1:5-9 , Jeremiah 1:8 , and Psalm 139:5 . “ I know that we are safe in God ’ s hands and care . We can find refuge in God , our fortress , stronghold , deliver and shield ( Psalm 144:2 ).”
, if you want to know your Savior and would love to be part of this big and lovely family , repent , surrender , and submit your life to Jesus Christ right now . I can assure you that will be your turning point and your life will never be the same . Today is the day of salvation !
, don ’ t you wait for tomorrow , because it ’ s not promised to anyone . Make the greatest decision of your life , you won ’ t regret it . Your decision will determine where you are going to spend eternity ; either heaven or hell . They are both real places .
“ I pray for you ! God bless !” With love , Jose Matamoros