The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 55

One Saturday morning, I sat staring at a picture and thought about how amazing it is that someone could draw it. My next thought was, “I wish I could do that.” Then a small still voice said, “Then do it.” I scoffed, I could not draw, when I drew stick figures people would ask me to put them out of their misery. I simply thought, “I can’t, but I wish I could.” The voice came back and said, “You can, so do it!” I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking at this point. However, I still kept thinking, “I can’t.” But after talking with God for a while, He reminded me that at one time I could not play guitar, sing, or write songs. He reminded me that the truth was that I had not drawn yet but that didn’t mean I could not do it. He also reminded me of a simple truth. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). So I pulled out my paper pad. I drew up a grid on a sheet protector and began to draw. The first picture I drew was of a Gere Falcon I had spent a lot of time looking at. I was amazed of what was coming out of drawing it. I had done well, until I came to the spots on the bird’s back. I tried, I struggled, and I gave up. I settled for just doing some shading, it looked okay. After a couple of days, I was walking back from band practice encouraging the lead guitarist to sing while he plays more. He said, “I can’t.” Then out of my mouth came the words, “No, you can’t yet.” Those words stuck with me, and I sat at my desk. I took a piece of paper out and practiced different ways to get the spots on that Gere Falcon. I figured it out and was so excited. I thanked God for proving me wrong (yet again) as I finished the project. No, it is not perfect in artistic standards. However, it was perfect in God’s eyes. And for a first drawing, it was awesome! I chose to share all of this to encourage others to step out in faith and do things that seem hard. Remember, it’s not that you can’t do something, only that you haven’t yet. Trust that God can do anything and make you do anything. I drew one more picture of some lilies. And it turned out quite well, too. I do not know if I will draw anything else ever again, but I know I can! So what is that one thing that you can’t do? Step out in faith and go do it, because the simple truth is that you can’t yet! by Spencer Lambert 55