The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 49

card tricks by Tim Gabrielson The Key Card Have a spectator shuffle a deck of cards. When you get it back, secretly look at the bottom card. In our example, we will say it is the ‘Ace of Hearts.’ This card is your key card. Have the spectator cut the deck into four piles. Ask him to pick one of the piles, look at the top card from that pile, and replace the card. Take the pile containing the key card and place it on top of the pile with the selected card. This places the key card on top of the selected card. Place the rest of the piles on top of this one. The deck may be cut several times without fear of separation of these two cards. Now, run through the deck until you see the key card (Ace of Hearts), the card next to it is the selected card. Odd and Even Discard all of the court cards and divide the remainder of the deck into two parts, the odd cards in one pile, the even cards in another pile. This is done secretly. Hand the two piles to two different people and have them each select a card. Have them place their selected card in the other person’s pile. Upon receiving the cards back, it is easy to find the selected card because one will be the odd card in the even half, the other will be the even card in the odd half. Pretty easy. Card On Forehead Have a card selected and secretly brought to the top of the deck. Palm off the card and secretly hold it while you spread the deck face up on the table in front of the spectator. Tell him to look carefully at the cards and see if he can see his card. While he is doing this, press your palm onto your forehead, which will cause the card to stick to your forehead. The spectator will not see this because he is looking at the cards on the table and when he looks up, he will see his card on your forehead. In 2015, Tim Gabrielson travelled with 513FREE to Prairie Du Chien Correctional and performed a show for inmates on Thanksgiving weekend. He is talented and has entertained thousands from local shows to having his own show in Las Vegas, NV. Tim is not only a gifted comedian/magician but touches lives through his humor and stories, captivating his audience to be happy and stay posi tive. In the pilot issue of The Pen Project, Tim taught a few fundamental secrets and fun card tricks for readers to try. Here are some new tricks to try out! 49