The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 43

workout challenge

Together , we ’ ll do a short High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ) workout . The goal is to get your heart-rate up . We do that by doing high-intensity movements in short bursts , with short breaks in-between . This pattern underscores the principle that we have to stress the body for it to respond . If you give it your best during each set , you ’ ll break a sweat and : 30 should be intense !
You can substitute any of the following exercises for your own , just make sure to perform them using the outline below . If you ’ re new to HIIT , just follow what I ’ ve outlined below and you should experience plenty of challenge .
: 30 Max
Reps : 20 Break : 30 Max Reps : 20 Break : 30 Max Reps
Spiderman Push-Ups by Dr . Drew
2:00 Break
I could have easily just done all 3 sets as squats or burpees , but decided to have some variety . Or do movements on areas you want to focus on .
The way God created the body , it needs oxygen to be fully alive . The catch is you have to work or stress the body in order to increase oxygen supply . This came naturally as kids , we called it playing . Don ’ t starve your body of one its basic necessities just because you forgot how to play . If possible , these workouts are more fun when done in a group , so grab some friends and make it happen !
Try to remember that while you exercise , you are moving your body to allow it to be fully alive , not to have a certain bump look bigger or smaller or to punish yourself because you downed a gallon of ice cream . You move so that you are ready to move when God asks you to ! So keep on playing and moving until the next issue when I ’ ll introduce the next principle .