The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 42

why exercise? Exercise. A word that evokes so many emotions. Equal to the plethora of emotions, are the programs on how to exercise. Here’s the deal, regardless of your emotion or your preferred flavor of exercise, your body was made to move. Movement is a sign of life; dead things don’t move. So as part of having a ‘living life,’ we need to move. My rules of exercise: 1. Move. Do something. Don’t focus on what you can’t do... Do what you can. 2. Give it your best. It is easy to go through the motions and get through something. Let’s not do that with our exercise. How do you know if you are actually giving it your best? One, you should be sweating. Two, it will be hard to carry on a conversation. If those things aren’t happening, then I think you have more in the ‘tank.’ 3. Repeat and rest. Stay consistent and remember resting/recovery is part of your workout (especially if you have given your best). I’d like to introduce a few principles in the next several issues of The Pen Project that help create a solid foundation for moving your body (exercise). My hope is that this will help you understand the why and the how about the exercises we will cover. Principle #1. Your body responds to the degree of stress put on it. Have you been doing the same workout for five years and noted you’ve plateaued? Have you been overworking and under recovering in your workouts and seem to be riddled with chronic issues? Are you wondering why you don’t have the same strength as you did 10 years ago? The key here is to understand that we need to stress our bodies enough to allow them to respond, but also without overwhelming them to point of inducing the damaging effects of stress. I think this is why God created a day of rest even for Himself! Let me introduce to you - High Intensity Short Duration (HISD) movements... Dare I say ‘exercise.’ I think the best way to illustrate HISD movements is thinking about when you were a kid. Most things were all out for a short period of time: a bike race, a game of tag, or an arm wrestling match with your brother. Then you rested, caught your breath, and then back to the next big adventure of couch flips and crawling headfirst down the stairs. 42