The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 4

They treat everyone with equality knowing and understanding that the ground is level at the foot of the cross and they desire the success of all inmates. 513FREE is devoted to breaking the cycle of broken lives, broken homes, and broken relationships. The Pen Project is just one of the ways they are working to blow the roof off the misconceptions and fears the public has about prisoners and unite Christ’s body by working with inmates. This publication provides an opportunity for inmates to have a voice, work with the public, and participate in the body of Christ as a whole. The Pen Project provides inmates with a chance to minister to others who may be in the same situation as they are. The majority of the content in The Pen Project is from inmates who are real people with real life experiences. The authors of its pages have collided with the Gospel of Christ head on and have experienced life transformation because of it. These pages reveal the fruit of their changed lives. It is their pleasure to share the hope that they have with you, so that you may have that same hope, be encouraged, and strengthened. V O L U M E 1 I S S U E 2 foreword by Anthony Scholfield, Jackson Correctional Institution 513FREE has been bravely going where many in the body of Christ today would rather not go – the prison system. They have tossed aside the rumors, stereotypes, misconceptions, and fears and replaced them with love. By the ministry going in and experiencing the system and those that reside there, they have been bringing hope to the hopeless and freedom to those in bondage through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have answered the call of God on their lives personally as well as being part of the body of Christ by doing what Jesus talked about when He said, “I was in prison and you came to me (Matthew 25:36).” With this statement Jesus signals that He has children who are in prison and by caring for them you are caring for Him. 513FREE has been an instrument in God’s hand to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ behind the prison fences. They have had a large impact on my life and in this institution as well as other institutions around the United States. They come in with a genuine desire to care for the men and women they are ministering to. We need things that unite the body of Christ together, especially in our culture today where division and separation run rampant in the church. We need each other more than ever to stand firm in our faith, we weren’t meant to do it alone nor can we. This is why The Pen Project is so important. You will no doubt be encouraged by the contents of this publication and even challenged by it. The Pen Project is sure to inspire growth and a deeper conviction in submit- ting all of our resources and abilities to God’s kingdom for His glory. I am thankful that 513FREE has answered God’s call in seeing the need for this unification of Christ’s body and have not forgotten those who are easily forgotten. I have been working with the ministry for the past year and it has been a pleasure and an honor. They truly embody Galatians 5:13, they use their freedom to serve others in love. I have experienced this first hand and it’s contagious. I’m privileged to call them my brothers, sisters, and friends. We are excited to share this with you and encourage you to join us. Glory be to God! pictured: Anthony Scholfield 4