The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 3

Dear Friends - Grace and peace in the glorious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. It’s only by His amazing grace that I am able to play a role in such a magnificent story. I’ve been privileged to lead 513FREE since its inception in 2007. In the short span of nine years, our team has consistently lived in the center of God breathed adventure, growth and miracles. As we embark on what will be a decade of ministry, undeniably, all of our greatest expectations have been exceeded, and our best laid plans continue to be rewritten by the One who’s truly authoring this journey. In 2010, God opened a door for 513FREE to minister in a prison for the first time. Since that visit to Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institution, and through much refining, God has made it very clear that in this season of ministry we are to confidently focus on boldly sharing the Gospel with the incarcerated and those at-risk. With those words impressed on our hearts, we move forward each day willing and actively working to break the cycle of incarceration. Our efforts encompass more than just another program, they are our desire to live out the great commission by building relationships and making disciples. One of the ways we do that is by publishing a magazine written by and for inmates. Exactly one year ago, the idea of The Pen Project was born. A simple inmate request for paper copies of our sheet music eventually evolved into what you hold in your hands today. I’ve been blessed beyond measure by the process that has led us to where we are at today. Each day, as a team, we’re understanding more what it means to walk as Jesus walked. Within our ministry circle, we’re continually meeting amazing new people, and teaming up with organizations across the country. Through our work, we’ve been blessed to celebrate the great joy that is often experienced when the oppressed and forgotten discover their voice. And, as it always must be, we remain dependent on Him for provision to continue moving The Pen Project forward. The following pages are a testimony of the transformative power of Jesus. The artwork, poetry, and writings were imparted by men and women who have found their true identity in Christ, and out of their freedom, are using their God-given gifts and talents to spread His word and multiply His Kingdom. And, in line with our mission, they afford us the opportunity to boldly share the Gospel with the incarcerated and those at-risk. It’s my sincere hope that the words and images in this issue of The Pen Project will leave an eternal impact on your soul, and that they may deepen your relationship with Him. Jesus is Lord, Jesse Hamble, Director 3