The Pen Project Volume 1 Issue 2 - Page 28

28 atonement poem by: Robert Montgomery I once knew a man who began with a plan To conquer his life on his own But his sin and addictions Caused many afflictions And now he’s left all alone This is a story Of the self-righteous glory And sin taking its toll from the selfishness greed Filled with things he didn’t need Hurting loved ones and losing control His life started so strong What on earth went so wrong Surviving by a margin so slim And he didn’t intend to see his life end With an outcome so gloomy and grim He once stood so tall But now his backs at the wall Spiritually dead with one foot in the grave Was soon to discover The only means to recover Was by Christ through His life freely gave He had much intuition But with little ambition He’d fallen so hard on his face The life he once built Without worry or guilt Looking back now not even a trace There must be some purpose For the reason he hurt us His family had asked from the start But the act of his crime Has no reason or rhyme Out of nowhere many worlds torn apart Now he’s locked in this place With a label on his face Cuz self-discipline he didn’t embrace A society of its own So dark, cold and alone Haunting memories will never be erased So dirty and rotten, so lost and forgotten Is this hell he must pay Cuz the facts he can’t hide He’s slowly dying inside As his life has been lost to this fray There must be some meaning For taking this beating So much anger, adversity and strife But his heart keeps on bleeding And by begging and pleading God’s not pulled the plug on his life Then came his plea God don’t throw away the key Look towards him or give him a glance Help him walk through these trenches And mend broken fences Please grant him just one second chance With his focus on you He’s sure to renew And rebuild all the pain shattered years To take back his life For his daughters and ex-wife Full of love, no more secrets or tears He asked to forgive So that he may go live His mistakes he’s made in the past He knows he’s done wrong As the hurts been so strong But with healing the pain never lasts Through God is so real And the pain He can heal But the scars will forever remain But to only remind What’s been left far behind Now new memories he’s certain to gain As the life he once willed Has departed but filled His character with strength to replace The darkness and pride That once lingered inside Is now a warm smile on his face As he’s only to blame Yet no longer in shame Now seeing his purpose and place He bowed to his knees Begged God will you please And was forgiven by His mercy and grace Now in Christ he grew fonder But a question did ponder His thoughts and his mind as he’d pray If only God can redeem Why does society still seem To condemn his mistake everyday Do you think that it’s fair That he breathes the same air Free life by natural laws And the food that he eats Freed his heart so it beats The same rhythm as a man with no flaws Or the water he drinks Feeds the tears when he blinks All the same whether near or far Or as he takes in the sky To see the clouds that fly by What beauty how mysteriously bizarre Or what of the breeze That carries through trees Fragrant memories of times he once chased Or how about the place The sun shines on his face The kiss of its warming embrace You see I am that man Who began with a plan To conquer life on my own And this my story Without God there’s no glory And He found me when I was alone So I beg you think twice If it’s you with a vice I plead you’d confide in a friend And step out of the dark You’ll most definitely embark On a journey with a much better end So with that I will close And in the future who knows But for certain I’m willing to shout At those with addictions Will cause many afflictions To their loved ones, I’m certain no doubt Yes, I am the man Who began with a plan To conquer life all on my own And this was my story Without God there’s no glory But He found me when I was alone Yes, He found me and now I am home