The Passed Note Issue 8 October 2018 - Page 30

the world may not shrink around you

until tomorrow so tonight

you should please talk to me,

let me hear your sing

song words, my words are flat

swampy smelly stagnant soon you’ll speak flat too.

Assimilation, annihilation,

asphyxiation, McDonaldization,

Big Mac dad with nugget kids in a burglar house,

Order me

baseball pie for dessert.

I stay behind to sell handmade dolls and hair bands to the cruise people. The dolls are the type we use for the Spirit Journey Ceremony. After a death, we place the doll in the sea in order to help the departed soul start their journey to the ancestral land. The ancestors will either welcome the new spirits to their land or banish them to the waiting spirit water. The tourists buy the dolls for their daughters. I never tell them that dolls are not toys.

Once they finish taking my picture, I walk toward our dirt road. The air is heavier than earlier. It is always hard to readjust to the natural air after dancing in the conditioned. We do not condition our air.

Most tourists do not venture down the Gara dirt road, but we always welcome into our stitlted houses