The Passed Note Issue 8 October 2018 - Page 29

audiences with quiet solemn dances, so we celebrate the full moon every Wednesday and Saturday between the months of May and October when the cruise ships fill the island’s bay with their bright lights and big citizens.

We take center stage again for what the audience thinks is the Gara’s famous Revival Dance, the dance that can bring back the dead, the one Gara thing that some people actually know about. It is not the Revival Dance. It is just a continuation of the Full Moon Celebration. The Gara may dance for money, may pose for tourist photographs, but the Revival Dance is still sacred and it will never be performed for this audience, or any, for that matter. It is a participation gathering; watching the Revival Dance is prohibited. That is the role of the spirits and one never presumes to be a spirit. The spirits watch and the spirits decide.

When our show is over, the other Gara leave quickly in order to prepare for the Cleansing Ceremony. We must appease the spirits. Whitman is trance-like in his seat as his pen gracefully glides across his notebook.

Monoculture, monoculture,

Monotonous, mononucleosis,

I am bored,

you are putting me to sleep

sad tropics