The Passed Note Issue 8 October 2018 - Page 24

languages are his thing and shrugs off my wonder.

His ability to obtain fluency is astounding. After much prying, he finally admitted that he is fluent in almost a dozen modern languages. He considers the musical languages his specialty, mastering the tones of Chinese and Thai with natural ease. And, of course, he knows about a dozen various tribal dialects. He polishes up the needed skill before any visit to a remote location like the island business men polish their suit shoes before an appointment. He only needs a quick coat to brighten his memory.

“Whitman, why is it so difficult for some to learn the musical languages?”

“It is like someone who doesn’t sing very well, Lusa. One may be able to hear the notes; it is the repeating part that is difficult.” This made a lot of sense to me since I had a few friends at school that I begged not to sing during outdoor time. I asked him if one could ever learn the repeating part with practice, but his eyes had closed. He had drifted off to sleep, one hand hanging off the hammock. I gently took this hand, kissed the top of its wrist, and placed it on his stomach. That night I walked the beach until the sun woke up. I could not calm my body into sleep.

Cav announces that the Cleansing Ceremony will be tonight after the stage ceremony we perform for the tourists. Cav never ventures up the potholed dirt road to the cultural center for staged performances. He will stay behind and finish the preparations for the real one.