The Passed Note Issue 8 October 2018 - Page 19

and around her lips. I shake my head and let my hair cover my eyes for a second. Curtains drawn, tucked in. Done.

“No. Look, we can go back to fantasy, okay?” Melanie says. “Harry Potter parody. We can write it together.”

I don’t answer and I don’t pull my hair back. I don’t want to look at her.

I hear her open the door to leave.

“I mean, I’ll just tell Ms. K you’re hiding in the bathroom, using all the toilet paper to dry your eyes,” she says. I can tell she thinks she’s being funny, but I don’t laugh – I just stand there with my hair covering my face.

“I’m trying to help you.” She sighs. I’m guessing she’s just standing there, staring at me. I can feel her feeling sorry for me.

“Tell her whatever you want, then,” I snap. “I really don’t care.”

“I don’t think I should leave you,” she says, but she does leave. She walks out and she doesn’t come back.

After she leaves, I pull back my hair and go back to the sink. I stand at the trickle of water and put my hands under. The water drips down, but it doesn’t work. A drop is only a drop. This will take hours to pool. One plus one will only ever equal one.