The Passed Note Issue 8 October 2018 - Page 16

“What do you think my obstacle is?” I ask her and it comes out snarky – like she’s challenging me or something, but you know what? I say it again because all of the sudden I actually want to know. Don’t we all?

“What’s my problem?” I whisper.

Melanie doesn’t hear me because instead of answering she starts making up crazy shit.

“How about: once you found a golden egg and kept it and it cracked into a dragon and you had to decide whether to tell your parents or not.”

“I think that’s like one of a million scenarios in Harry Potter, right? Try again.”

“True. We could go boring, like, the basic answer for everyone at this school? Once you failed a test and had to study extra hard to keep your 4.0.”

“Ha!” I laugh because this is true. I do get straight A’s, but I don’t have to work that hard to do it. If you just do everything they ask at this place it’s pretty hard to fail.

“Or, how about,” she reaches out and touches my hair. It’s weird because, you know, we aren’t friends. But then Melanie starts to laugh and says, “Once all your beautiful hair fell out and you had to…I don’t know… wear a wig?”

“I don’t think Ms. K would buy that story!”

“Okay, then – something tragic.”