The Passed Note Issue 8 October 2018 - Page 10

You see?

I’m not in here to hide from Trent, if that’s what you think.

I’m not. You can believe me.

It’s English class I’m avoiding. The work is easy but that doesn’t matter. I just don’t feel like being in there. Not today.

One time when I was hiding in here, Ms. K actually came in. She’s my English teacher. She had her head down, expecting the room to be empty. Maybe she really had to go and the teachers’ bathroom was occupied or something. Anyway, she was halfway in the stall when she saw me at the sink with the bubbles gushing over the edge. She put her hand on the stall door and said, “Don’t you have a class right now?”

“What period is it?” I asked – like I didn’t know – like I had just gotten to school late from a dentist appointment. Like my mom had just dropped me off. Anything could be true.

“Second. My prep’s almost over. Making a pit stop before third. And you?” Ms. K studied me for like a second in that way some teachers have – like they know they are supposed to know everything but they’re starting to realize they don’t.

Ms. K knows nothing about me.

“You okay?” Her voice got kinda soft, like she meant it.

I told her I was fine. What else would I say? Then I turned off the water, tried to pry a paper towel from the broken thing on the wall and walked out. Ms. K never asked me about it – why would she? Teachers can only handle so much.