The Passed Note Issue 6 February 2018 - Page 45

Sydney Lo

is a poet, writer, and blogger studying at Brown University. She was the winner of the 2017 NFSPS Florence Kahn Memorial Award for her recently published chapbook, A Natural Cacophony. Her work has been published in The Catalyst Literary Journal, The Round Magazine, and The Triangle Literary Anthology.

Devon Lail-Gantt

has a Masters in English and creative writing and she occasionally uses it to write stories about odd circumstances or far away lands. She and her ostentatious TBR pile live with her husband and their fur babies in North Carolina.

Katie Krantz

lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently a student. She has been published in Sanitarium’s 39th issue, has multiple articles on TeenInk, and is currently featured on the Metamorphose website.