The Passed Note Issue 6 February 2018 - Page 21

Sonia Hamer


I. The Lie

Sometimes, we need an idol.

And so, when his idol came to him, with tears

in her eyes and kisses on her lips and hands on her breasts

What was he to do?

Of course, that’s

in the past. A fantasy.

Besides, I know that fear makes us cling

like ghosts

to our gods.

But when I asked

he denied. Oh Peter

where has your golden Christ gone?

II. The Loss

When she died

the air between us was like a string, resonating

with grief and love, strange harmony.

And as she looked in my eyes and took her last breath

it rattled.

“Yit’gadal,” said the rabbi. “v’yit’kadash.”

Good-bye, we echoed. Amen.