The Passed Note Issue 4 June 2017 - Page 14

By the way, as I mentioned before, I was working and in grad school - I happen to be an education policy expert, so the book is perhaps over-stuffed with the technicalities of the high school admissions process in the city. Beacon, the school that the triplets attend in the beginning, is a real school. Because I know so much about the school system in the city, I had a little fun trying to imagine what a public school for superheroes would be like in reality. There are literally hundreds of high schools throughout the city, many of them tiny. How do you show a bunch of public school kids that they’re actually superheroes? Well, in New York, you put them in an auditorium that doubles as the gym...

SRJ: What's next for you?

CD: I have a couple of irons in the fire. I know there are some writers who can change gears and commit to a new book that was in the queue, so to speak, but I’ve always been a meanderer. I’ve started literally a hundred pages of a book and then just decided not to keep writing. You can’t force it. I’m taking notes for a new book for grown-ups, very bleak and very early in that process. Half my emotional energy is invested in trying to find a publisher for another book, also for grown-ups.