The Passed Note Issue 1 June 2016 - Page 45

could visit. She asked why he did it. She asked when he’d be back in school. Micah didn’t have any answers. He didn’t know, he didn’t know.

“Could you do me a favor, Micah?” she wrote. “I left a note for you on your car last month. If you still have it could you give it to Cal?”

Micah still had it, though he had never understood it. He said he would give it to his brother. She grabbed a pen and wrote: Cal, I’m so sorry. Please stay with me. I know you are tired and empty but you are radiant and young. Fill it up, fill the vessel up with anything. It doesn’t have to be sweet. Love, Maggie.

When school started up again, she taped her new note under the stairs. At the end of the day there was a new paper petal hanging that she had never seen.

While we’re young, kid…